Librery Loyola

There is an onsite bookshop for the purchase of textbooks.
In the last week of June, in July, in the last week of August and in September, the bookshop will attend to families in the Vocational Training College building, opposite the Management offices.
Parents purchasing textbooks from the school itself are making a huge contribution, as this is a way of helping to improve the teaching resources for everyone.
The families, too, benefit from a major discount in the purchase of textbooks.
The lists of books and materials for each year are published on the last working day in June.
The lists of textbooks for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:
Nursery School (no textbooks))


Infantil (no hay libros)
Year 1 Primary Year 2 Primary Year 3 Primary
Year 4 Primary Year 5 Primary Year 6 Primary
Year 1 CSE Year 2 CSE
Year 3 CSE Year 4 CSE
Year 1 Sixth Formr Year 2 Sixth Form
BVT Administrative Services BVT Manufacturing and Assembly BVT    Vehicle Maintenance BVT Electricity and Electronics BVT Computers and Communications
IVT Admin Management IVT Electromechanical Maintenance IVT Electromechanics of Motor Vehicles IVT Electrical and Automatic Installations. IVT Microcomputer Systems and Networks
AVT Administration and Finances AVT  Industrial Mechatronics AVT Automotion Development of Web Applications