Parish of San Ignacio














History of the Parish


1979, 1 April: Demarcation of the parish boundaries
1979, 2 September: First parish mass on the school fields.
1983, 19 March: First wedding at the church.
1983, 27 March: Palm Sunday is celebrated for the first time.
1983, 21 May: Formal consecration of the church.
1990, 12 August: Installation of the church’s air-conditioning.
2010, 9 April, Easter Week: Installation of the stain-glass windows of St. Ignatius.
2013, 12 October, Our Lady of Pilar: Installation of the belfry, the church bells are rung for the first time.
2015, 12 March: The bronze of Saint Ignatius is installed in the entrance to mark the 393th anniversary of the canonisation of Saint Ignatius and Saint Francis Xavier.
2015, 15 July: The laminate flooring is laid in the chapel and sacristy.
2016, 30 July, Feast day of Saint Ignatius: Installation of the stain-glass windows with Jesuit motifs on the doors in the entrance.
2016: This year sees all the light fittings changed over to LED on altars and in rooms, aisles, portico and courtyard in the entrance, and movement sensors are installed in corridors.