Stays abroad

Our pupils and students have the option of studying in other countries:

  • Exchanges with students and their families in Dax and Libourne (France) for pupils in Year 2 of Compulsory Secondary Education in cooperation with the Local Authority of Logroño
  • Exchange with a German school in Monchengladbach (Germany) for pupils in Year 4 of Compulsory Secondary Education and Year 1 in the Sixth Form.
  • Programmes with families in Canada focusing largely on pupils in Compulsory Secondary Education and the Sixth Form, one in July and the other in September, attending High School in Canada. More information
  • Placements in a number of European countries for students in the intermediate and advanced levels of vocational training. These students may take part in the Erasmus+ Programme through the module Workplace Training (WT)
    in a European country, putting into practice what has been learnt at the college and living a working and personal experience in other countries and cultures.