Basic Vocational Training

If you are aged 16 or 17, you have studied the second year of Compulsory Secondary Education and want to continue studying to obtain a professional qualification,
or go on to further your studies in the intermediate or even advanced levels of vocational training, this may be a good option for you because this basic vocational training (BVT)
provides direct access to them.

BVT is designed to mentor students in their process of personal development, providing basic training in a professional environment and the necessary knowledge and instruction
that after two years at the college will allow them to go on to study the intermediate level of vocational training. This training will provide them with a Level 1 Professional Qualification, which for employment purposes
is the same as a GED diploma or GSCEs. Furthermore, passing these BVT courses provides direct access to intermediate vocational training.

Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 1.50 pm.

The third term in the second year includes 240 hours of workplace training (WT) placements.

The college additionally provides the study module Key Competencies that will help students to join the labour market.

All the necessary information is available in our information brochure

We cater for the following specialities:

BVT Administrative services

BVT Manufacture and assembly

Vehicle maintenance

Electricity and electronics

Computers and communication