CHESS (and other games of strategy). Games and sport, art, science… Through chess and other games of strategy, activities that require thinking, a pupil will learn to understand how the game develops, its rules and objectives. Designed for pupils in Primary.
COOKING FUN Knowing what different foods give us and how they affect our bodies, as well as how to work with them. Making cooking a game in which to have fun and learn all together. Designed for pupils in Primary
FRENCH Use fun and games to learn a second foreign language, and awaken the children’s interest in a new culture and language. Designed for pupils in Primary
GUITAR The aim of this activity is to provide pupils with an introduction to the guitar and help them acquire a good technical base, learning that playing a musical instrument is a means of social communication. Designed for pupils in Years 3 to 6 in Primary.
CREATIVE COMPUTING This is a course for discovering a computer’s possibilities, know how to handle software programs and apps for doing schoolwork; learn to browse safely and perform smart searches for information on the internet. Designed for pupils in Primary.
ENGLISH – REMEDIAL CLASSES These classes are designed to reinforce the study of this language based on the subject’s content as it is taught at the school. Designed for pupils in Primary.
ENGLISH – PLAY AND LEARN For the youngest pupils (Nursery School only). It provides the children with an opportunity to learn their first foreign language in a fun way, through games, songs, storytelling…which teach them to enjoy learning another language. Designed for Children in Nursery School.
ENGLISH– CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL Highly qualified English teachers, most of whom are native speakers, use the Cambridge method to teach the pupils up to a high level of English. The pupils are also coached to obtain the official certificates recognised by the European Framework that permit them to apply for grants, jobs, etc. Designed for pupils from Primary through to an Advanced level (C1).
LET’S PLAY MATHS We learn maths by playing, with Montessori materials and other dynamics and games. This enables the children to develop their logical-mathematical skills, enjoying themselves as they learn. Designed for pupils in Year 2 in Nursery School through to Year 3 in Primary.
EARLY BIRDS / CRECHE For those parents whose working hours make it difficult for them to care for their children during the morning, the school has monitors to look after them as from 7.45 am through to the start of classes. Designed for pupils in Nursery School and Primary.
FILM IN ENGLISH At the end of classes on Friday mornings, the pupils can watch an educational film in English, supervised by teachers. Designed for pupils in Years 2 and 3 of Nursery School and Primary
ROBOTICS AND PROGRAMMING A creative activity based on a hands-on and fun learning model. The pupils take centre stage in the activity through their creations; they think up and develop their programs, apps, and videogames, and finally build and operate their own robots.

Designed for pupils in Years 2 and 3 of Nursery School and Primary.

DRAMA The purpose of this activity is to perform a play that will be the culmination of an entire school year dedicated to learning drama. Besides sessions for learning to memorise, we will be focusing on techniques for relaxation, acting, and oral and corporal expression.

Designed for pupils in Years 5 and 6 in Primary and first years of Secondary.