All years and courses have time set aside for daily prayers. In addition, we arrange more specific moments throughout the year involving pastoral encounters and retreats for the different courses.

Spiritual retreats

Convivencias Primaria
Convivencias ESO

These are times for getting together, for celebration and personal and group awareness, with an approach and language suited to the different ages. The key to understanding these moments together is Jesus as both teacher and friend.

Personal development


In a society such as our own, we need to learn to listen to the richness of our inner world. This is what we invite both the younger and the older children to do during the year through workshops and “diaries”.
Listening to others is necessary for living in harmony, and listening to oneself is essential for personal development.



Coming together to celebrate is what makes us human because life is filled with happy moments, while others are more trying and some are even painful. Religious celebrations are our way of giving thanks (Eucharist), asking for forgiveness
(reconciliation), and expressing our joy for all those situations that are a gift.

Solidarity campaigns

Campañas solidarias

Faith cannot be understood without actions. Faith without commitment is empty. Hence the reason that throughout the year we encourage our pupils and students to take part in different solidarity campaigns arranged in conjunction with other
organisations belonging to the Society of Jesus and the Catholic Church: Entreculturas, Manos Unidas.



Parish of San Ignacio