Mission, Vision and Values


Our direct-grant school belongs to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and is run in conjunction with the regional government of La Rioja. Inspired by the precepts and teachings of Saint Ignatius,
it is open to society, with its pupils being the architects of their own learning process and living their lives with a wholesome commitment to building a better world.

Our mission is to prepare individuals to be competent, compassionate, conscientious and committed, and as a Christian school we do so by providing an education that focuses on each pupil’s personal and
spiritual development in Christian values.


Our School has the following goals for 2020:

  • To have a clearly Christian identity..
  • To deploy the latest teaching approaches and methods.
  • To be immersed in continuous improvement projects.
  • To ensure pupils are actively involved in their own schooling.
  • To employ teaching staff who identify with our Mission.
  •  To work hand-in-hand with families, institutions, businesses and other social partners.
  • To be financially sustainable.


  • A close relationship with pupils, families and businesses.
  • Foster teamwork and a responsible approach to studying.
  • Foster teamwork and a responsible approach to studying.
  • Caring for all the pupils according to their needs.
  • Spiritual development following the teachings of St. Ignatius.
  • Commitment to education according to the Christian faith.