We help pupils at this stage to discover their full potential, make sense of the world around them, respect differences, live in harmony, develop teamwork habits,
resolve conflicts peacefully, and overcome difficulties creatively.

New methods

We have implemented a project exploring new methods that extends and updates the range of different methods used in class with teaching approaches that are consistent with 21st century needs.

Bilingual teaching

English is taught as a language and as tool for acquiring knowledge. Our bilingual project begins in Year 1 in Primary. Classes are held in English in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Education and Art.
There has been a significant increase in the presence of native English teachers in the classroom.

Shared learning

The diversity of courses and ages enables us to arrange activities across the different years, which enriches the learning process for both younger and older pupils alike.

Personal development and emotional education

We cultivate the management of emotions and personal development as a way of understanding oneself through different activities throughout the year.
We want our pupils to learn to relate to other people and the world around them.

The richness of diversity

Our pupils are unique and diverse. Diversity enriches us all. It enables our pupils to acquire the skills they need for life, such as the acceptance of difference, collaboration, and respect for everyone.

Education in values

Education in values is an ever-present feature of school life, as the backbone of our pupils’ comprehensive education.
Tolerance, solidarity, justice, compassion, respect, endeavour, and generosity are the hallmarks of their lives at school.

Pastoral care

Our pastoral project channels the initiatives and activities through which we instil Ignatius of Loyola’s values and explain the figure of Jesus of Nazareth as the cornerstone
of the Christian education we provide.

Encouraging reading

We foster a love of reading through such motivating activities as storytelling, puppets, reading during the break, etc.


e have a lending library suited to the children’s age, where we are assisted by parents.
We encourage children to discover the wonder of books and reading in a setting that is magical, motivating and suited to their world.


We have introduced drama as a distinctive feature, one full of opportunities that provides value added for our pupils’ comprehensive education.

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Timetable in Primary

START 9,00 15,00
FINISH 12,30 17,00



ASSESSMENT PERIOD 6 September – 5 December
ISSUE OF REPORTS Friday, 21 December


PERÍODO DE EVALUACIÓN 10 December – 8 March
ISSUE OF REPORTS Friday, 22 March


ISSUE OF REPORTS Friday, 21 June
REVIEWS AND RE-MARKING 24, 25 and 26 June


Teaching Staff in Primary

Management Structure in Primary


Principal Rubén Pérez Lázaro
Director of Studies Mónica Corral
Counsellor Teresa Fudio
Coordinator Years 1 and 2 Mª Ángeles Lafuente
Coordinator Years 3 and 4 Juan Ramón Jiménez
Coordinator Years 5 and 6 Mº Pilar Montes
Coordinator of Bilingual Studies Mónica Benito
Coordinator of Pastoral Studies Ana Pérez
Coordinator of Out-of-School Activities Israel Ajamil