Project Explora

Our school has been working since the course 2014-15 on the Explora Project, which depends on the Ministry of Education in La Rioja and aims at stimulating the development of capabilities in those students who are curious and eager to learn.

Such project has 2 categories:
·     Online: All students are allowed to participate by doing the weekly activities found on the official website (
Students with a high degree of participation will receive an award at the end of the course.

·     Offline: Students who have been previously selected by the school (according to the selection criteria) are allowed to participate.
The workshops are organised as follows:
·     First term: 6º and 1º primary education.
·     Second term: 5º and 2º primary education.
·     Third term: 4º and 3º primary education.

These are the workshops to be carried out during this year:
·      “We are scientists”.
·      “Little photographers”.
·      “Vicky, the Viking”.
·      “Colour up your life!”.
·      “Let’s build!”.
·      “Looking after our body”.